From the 5DP – June 2019

Five Things From the 5DP

June 2019

#1 5DP Shared Professional Development Day

We are very excited to announce that on November 5th, 2019 we will host our first ever shared professional development day. The theme for the day will be Equity for All Students. We will host teachers with three locations with supporting themes of: Equity Through Rigor and Engagement, Creating a Culture of High Expectations, and Equity and Excellence. The day will start with a keynote speaker and will have two breakout sessions to choose from after that. We will be bring in some professional presenters and also looking to supplement the day with 5DP teacher presentations and panels. Please take a few minutes to do this quick survey about the day. This will help us gauge interest in the locations and determine the size of each group. This will also give you a chance to share your feedback and ideas. Click HERE for the brief survey.

#2 5DP Educator Showcase

This year’s 5DP Educator Showcase was a fantastic evening. Thank you to everyone who attended and presented posters and talks. It is truly an inspirational event. I have posted the materials, photos, and videos to the website at Stay tuned for plans for next year’s showcase.

#3 Thank You Aubree!

Due to budget constraints, Aubree Webb our 5DP Data and Assessment Administrator is moving on at the end of the school year. I would like to formally thank her for all of her hard work and wish her the best of luck in her next adventure. We will definitely miss her! Thank you Aubree for all you have done for the 5DP!

#4 Newly Published 5DP History and Social Science Documents

Over the course of the 2019-20 school year selected teachers from all five districts worked to create draft course outlines and pacing guides for the newly released 2018 History and Social Science Framework. These documents are drafts that teachers will pilot during the 2019-20 school year. They should be considered “works in progress” and teachers will reconvene in the spring of 2020 to make further changes based on feedback. Please collect any feedback you have and be prepared to share with us at the end of the year. We will survey teacher and also make it possible to directly share feedback. Please note that in 7th grade we have created two pathways for teachers to choose from. One is a regional pathway and the other is a thematic pathway. These documents can be found on the Curriculum Hub on the 5DP Website. The password is 5dp.  Please contact Cove Davis at if you have trouble accessing the documents or if you would like to share feedback.

#5 Opportunities for Teachers

Join the Teacher Collaborative’s Co-Labs for Innovation this summer 
Co-Labs for Innovation are a personalized and collaborative approach to PD that are free and open to all PK-12 educators in Massachusetts.

  • You decide what’s important to you by bringing a problem of practice or something you want to improve upon for next year.
  • You get a supportive process that guides you from ideas to action, and includes check-ins along the way to make sure you accomplish your goals.
  • You’ll connect with and learn from other educators in a fun and collaborative environment where you get to ask for advice, share ideas, and inspire each other to try something new.

Start off your summer by enrolling in a Co-Lab and getting a jumpstart on your to-do list. The Co-Lab kicks off in Boston on June 25 and 26th and is followed by three virtual meetings and two additional in-person meetings through December. See the detailed schedule.

Priority Deadline: June 14th (extended deadline June 21st). Questions? Contact Kat Johnston (

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