5 Districts



Chelsea Public Schools will ensure diverse opportunities and pathways for ALL students to succeed in college, career, and life through our commitment to collaborative leadership, reflective practice, supportive classroom climate, purposeful and rigorous teaching and learning and ongoing assessment to adjust our practice.



The mission of the Everett Public Schools is to meet the needs of every student in our diverse learning communities. The Everett Public Schools is committed to providing a safe, supportive and challenging environment that empowers students to become productive members of society.



The Malden Public Schools prepare students to be independent thinkers and enthusiastic learners who: work hard, respect others, cherish diversity, seek challenges, discover and develop their individual talents, strive for academic excellence and demonstrate personal and social responsibility.



The mission of Revere Public Schools is to provide personalized and meaningful education to all students so that they individually experience superior personal development by: engaging all members of our educational community in the decision-making process, ensuring rigor and relevance throughout all curricular areas, ensuring positive relationships among all members of the school community, fostering resilience within all members of the school community, and fostering and celebrating innovation throughout our system.



The mission of the Winthrop Public Schools is to promote and support student-learning PreK-12 by teaching students in a challenging yet nurturing learning environment. We will prepare our students to be productive citizens who will contribute to their community and to the global community of the 21st century.