Teacher Advisory Board

Five District Partnership is proud to have a Teacher Advisory Board which allows 5DP leaders to collaborate with teachers while providing the teachers the opportunity to contribute to 5DP’s planning and ongoing work. We’ve heard your feedback – and starting this year, we will work with teachers to collaborate in smaller groups with specific goals.

Goals of the 5DP Teacher Advisory Board:

  • Gather teacher input and feedback on ongoing work of the 5DP.

  • Open a two-way communication loop between 5DP leadership and teachers in all five districts so that the organization can be more responsive to teachers’ needs.

  • Create a space for teachers from across all five districts to learn from and share with each other.

  • Develop leadership roles for teachers that invites them to guide the work of the 5DP as we embark on new work and continue to refine ongoing work.

  • Lead the development of cross-network collaboration activities.